About the Vailo Team

100 years of combined experience have taught us the importance of process, empowerment and agility. Our seasoned underwriters understand that with responsibility comes accountability, and believe in the transformative power of collaboration, empowerment, and entrepreneurialism.

As Vancouver’s leading insurance underwriter, we provide insurance brokers with compliment of top underwriting products, including residential construction insurance, commercial construction insurance & casualty insurance policies. Our team can also customize specialty insurance coverage including cyber insurance, environmental liability insurance and more.

If you have any questions about Vailo or any of our insurance products, please contact us today! We're here to help.

Jeff Hart

President and CEO

Bruce MacKinnon

Chief Underwriting Officer

Tommy Truong

Chief Operating Officer

Rick Feeney

AVP – Underwriting

Derek Humphrey

AVP – Underwriting

Ajsa Besic

AVP - Underwriting

Bing Xia

Senior Underwriter

John Qin

Senior Underwriter / Marketing Representative (Ontario)

Cindy Wong

Senior Underwriter

Randi Williams

Underwriting Assistant