The Story Of Our Name And Logo.

Vailo was inspired by the confluence of two terms – vail and halo.

With the “vail” we respectfully tip our hat to show reverence, and with “halo” we meet our promise of protection, wayfinding, and guidance.

And at this crosswalk of guidance and protection, Vailo was born – and so was our logo.

The opening ‘V’ checkmark is a nod to our due diligence, a sense of completion, and a recognizable hallmark of our company. The distinct ‘underscore’ communicates our commitment to protecting and guiding our clients through the ambiguity of the present and an uncertain future. Altogether wrapped in the comforting suit of blue and yellow, Vailo acknowledges the clarity that is inherent in our operations.

As next-generation underwriters with data-driven expertise, Vailo embarks on a path to redefining the future and shaping the ecosystem of insurance.

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